CORA NGO  is a non-profit social charitable organisation started in 1995 by Late Mr.A.W.S chandra   the founder and former Treasurer   of this organisation started this valuable venture for the upliftment of the poorest of the poor with the like minded individuals from various walks of life.

CORA is a magnanimous non profit secular voluntary deliberate association enlisted with legislature of Tamilnadu and with government of India began in 1995 by devoted likeminded humanitarians. CORA is an tax  association by legislature of india under section  12A and 80G of Income Tax  act of 1961 and under FCRA Act and NGO DARPAN of Government of India.

All our Previous Projects were previously funded by ANESVAD Bilbao, Spain for over two decades with land buildings and Infrastructures. The projects carried out with their support were Orphan children care program,  Health HIV AIDS Intervention projects, Health Awareness Programs, Environment Awareness programs, HIV Positive widow women care program. Their  funding support concluded in 2014.

More than one thousand  hundred orphan / poor / destitute / disadvantaged children were cared educated and now employed,  married and settled from 1995 to 2020. About 300 HIV positive widow women were given care and support from 1995 – 2014. About 18000 HIV AIDS and Health Awareness Programs were conducted in Tamilnadu.